Though I have not owned a Citroen D or GSA for some time, They have not strayed far from my heart. They are but a few of the European cars I have owned over the years. I've had two Saabs and am on my third Volvo. Two Mercedes 240D's have graced my driveway over the years. All of them were restored or at least serviced by me..
I started this page when I had the Citroen ID and added information on GS's when that incredible car came my way. They are very rare in the United States because they were never officially imported here.
Eventually I will add a section on my most recent car, a 1987 Renault Alliance convertible. I bought it little over a year ago, and I already have made some import restoration discoveries. I will do my best to keep you informed on progress. Despite the fact that she was built less than 100 miles from where I live, in Wisconsin, parts and service are scarce, so we AMC Renault owners must be inventive!

grey 1987 Renault Alliance convertible
GSA Break
1987 Renault Alliance after a new paint job and a fresh top, as it I bought it. My 1983 GSA Break, imported from France in 2009

Renault information
After selling my Citroens, I spent several years with a 2002 Saab 9-5 wagon as my daily driver. For my project car, I chose a white 1987 Mercedes 240D. It was in very good cosmetic condition and was from a road salt-free state, but it had numerous mechanics issues, which I solved, one by one. At one time, I had a 1974, and was still intrigued by diesel.. Though I enjoyed the car, my love of French cars never abated.
Many years ago, I also had many AMC's, but never a Renault. When I worked for twelve years as an auto tech, many of my customers had Renaults, and I became quite familiar with their quirks and an admirer of their frequently ignored strengths. I became the go-to guy in the area for them. As with most of the small-volume European imports, their greatest issue was lack of technical support. French cars were also victims of ingrained prejudice. Owning one normally made that vanish. The only French carmaker to overcome this to any degree in the United States was Peugeot. Renault failed, along with AMC.
There is so little web presence for Renault or AMC that finding something to post is difficult. Eventually I will put up some articles of my own. I have some great ideas and will be adding them soon.

Citroen general information: clubs and manuals

Citroen technical information, parts sources, repair in North America

Disclaimer: Be advised that we will not be held reponsible in any way for the consequences of using any fluids not specified by the manufacturer. In other words: use any of these suggestions at your own risk!

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