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GS Manuals

Courtesy Bruno Aeberli
GS Parts Book 590; September, 1970
Single Volume

GS Technical Data 614-4; 1972
Single Volume

GS Parts Book 624; 1972
Single Volume

Early version courtesy Paul Smith, Shane Leviston and Citroen Club of New South Wales; later version is of unknown origin
GS Repair Manual 810 Vol. 1; April, 1974; 810 Vol. 2 is a composite of two versions, April, 1974 and July, 1977. It features all operations available in both. The later version has a far more complete section on bodywork. Some of the operations have also been slightly changed from the earlier version.
Volume 1
Volume 2

GSA Manuals

Courtesy Andrew Cox
GSA Repair Manual 008111, Volume 1; Updated May, 1994
Download as Single Volume
or in parts
Part 1- Mechanical components, electrical system
Part 2- Removal and refitting engine and ancillaries, clutch/torque converter, gearbox, gearchange, driveshafts, front and rear axles
Part 3- Reconditioning engine, transmission, driveshafts, high pressure pump, front axle arms, swivel hubs, suspension cylinders, steering rack, brake units, brake control
Part 4- Electrical system, wiring diagrams, work on instrument panels, control switches, testing charging system, reconditioning starter motor, r&r heating-ventilation, radio, repair real window heater

Bodywork, Volume 2; October, 1980
Single Volume

GSA Parts 001181, 6/1975-6/1980, Updated 9/1984
Single Volume

Courtesy Andrew Cox
GSA Parts 001182; August,1981
Single Volume

Microfiches courtesy Andre Pol and Bruno Aeberli. Scanned by Mark Bardenwerper
GSA Parts 002186, 9/1979-7/1986; Updated 2/'87
Single Volume

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