Leakages In The Roof Platform

Citroën Technical Bulletin Number 51

2nd Case and Breaks

Water appears in the bottom of the roof platform.

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The water penetrates, by capillary action, through the roof mounting screws.

To detect this leak it is necessary to spray the car laterally to the right of the mounting screws.

Remove the screw causing the leak. If the platform is not deformed, and if the washer under the head of the screw is not "dished", replace the screw, interposing a rubber washer (H) (D.825-90) into the platform and a 7mm diameter fiber washer (H), a plastic-metal washer (7 mm diameter) between the platform sheet metal and the steel washer under the head of the screw.

Cover the head of the screw with mastic.

If, after removal of the screw, the platform is found to be deformed (bent upward), it is necessary to remove the roof in order to "correct" the platform and, sometimes, the roof attaching clips.

In case the roof clips need to be redressed, it is advisable to work with care in order to avoid any deformation of the roof frame.

Afterward, reinstall the roof as shown in the 1st Case.

Mounting Of The Roof On The Station Wagon (Break)

The mounting of the roof is done in the same manner as for the sedan.

However, it is advisable, after mounting, to place a ball of mastic at both ends of the rear of the roof as indicated (at A) in the picture.

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