Leakages In The Roof Platform

Citroën Technical Bulletin Number 51

1st Case

The water appears In the bottom of the roof platform and runs mainly through the passage hole of the roof antenna at the right front side of the front passenger seat.

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In the majority of these cases (and if the headlining is not soaked), it is a matter of imperfect mounting of the roof.

In order to be sure, laterally spray the car with a jet, particularly at the right of the roof mounting screw. If the water does not penetrate around the screw, then the roof is mounted improperly.

Remove the roof. Clean the platform.

Mount the roof as indicated below:

Catch three pilot screws, the first (A) at the front, in line with the axis of the car, and the two others (B) on the side rails of the platform, approximately above the center post. Lock these screws with nuts having a maximum thickness of 4 mm.

Correctly position the rear rubber sealing strip. Carefully glue it to the round rear section and hold it in place with the help of masking tape (C).

Apply a supplementary band of mastic at (D).

Glue the fourteen rubber spacer washers (E, Part# D825-90) on the platform at the holes for fastening the roof.

Deposit a continuous ribbon of mastic (semi-liquid plastic compound) in the front section of the roof platform (see F).

Use a caulking gun.

Fit the roof at its front position on the pilot screw (A)

Set the roof on the platform, centralize it be lateral pilot screws (B).

Clamp it at the right and left as indicated in the picture.

Tighten the nuts on the three pilot screws without locking them.

Attach the other fourteen screws (put the washers under the heads). Catch the nuts without tightening them.

Start tightening the nuts beginning with the front center pilot screw (A).

Successively, tighten a screw to the right, then to the left, working progressively toward the rear.

Tamp the mastic into the two rear corners and see that the lips of the rubber strip are in correct position at (G).

Lay a ribbon of sealing mastic into the front gutter.

Carefully compress the mastic into the gutter, being sure to cover the upper part of the rubber lip.

Spread the mastic evenly, using a rag saturated with soapy water.

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